Folk remedies for earthworms

Folk remedies for earthworms are a great way to get rid of toxins, waste products and the negative impact of earthworms on human immunity.

However, even the most detailed instructions of traditional healers for worm removal certainly contain instructions for consulting a helminthologist or infectologist and taking medication.

The characteristics of the course of helminthic invasion, the ability of the population to multiply intensively and their natural resistance do not always allow the removal of intestinal parasites using only an anthelmintic that has a pronounced ability to act on adult individuals but not on fixed larvae. , ie worms that are not in a certain period of the gut.

Removal of worms, especially if the invasion is extensive and the parasites are numerous, perhaps only by an integrated method.

pumpkin seeds to remove parasites

The nature of the problem and how to solve it

Treatment of worms with folk remedies at home is a common practice of alternative medicine, which in its methods includes the usual for such practice, the use of various herbal and animal components.

The main area of application of folk remedies for worms at home is the treatment of children, pregnant women and the elderly, who are contraindicated in the use of toxic synthetic drugs that have a toxic effect.

They often turn to traditional medicine if the problem of removing worms from the body concerns people who are weakened after chronic illnesses or serious surgeries.

In this case, it is recommended to increase the use of nutrients that can simultaneously remove worms and supply the patient's body with the necessary minerals and vitamins.

The use of honey, pumpkin seeds, carrot juice, pears with seeds - all these are ways to solve the problem faced by the doctor, when it is necessary to remove parasites, and the use of toxic drugs is contraindicated.

The dangers of dealing with worms with folk remedies make up a rather long list that must be considered.

For the external harmlessness of plant and animal components, which mainly consist of folk remedies against worms in adults and, incidentally, in children, it is necessary to take into account, because improper prescription or overuse can cause not only unwanted but also harmful consequences:

  • allergic manifestations or incompatibility reactions to the food used (it is known that strong allergens are honey and spices that are part of the recommended recipes);
  • in an attempt to get rid of worms by folk methods, you can get poisoning and hallucinations if you overdose on wormwood, tansy or angelica, known as excellent paralyzing agents for helminths;
  • if you try to recklessly remove worms using onion tincture or garlic for pathologies of the digestive system, you can easily cause exacerbation of the chronic process;
  • using folk remedies against earthworms with high or low blood pressure, you may not consider that the plants included in the medicinal collection have a hypo- or hypertensive effect
  • herbal preparation recommended as a laxative can cause severe diarrhea, which will lead to dehydration and weakening of the body;
  • an excess of a particular vitamin found in fruits, vegetables, or berries will lead to an imbalance of vitamins and minerals, which is sometimes no better than a deficiency.

Folk remedies for worms in adults, used without consulting a doctor, self-appointment or advice of a stranger, can cause not less, but more complications, due to age, pathologies that the person does not currently suspect.

In old age, folk remedies should be taken with double caution, due to the present dysfunctions that led to changes in age.

To decide how to get rid of worms and choose the necessary folk recipes, you need to know what type of parasitic lesion, because the chosen method may not be suitable for expelling a particular type of parasite.

Stages of alternative treatment for helminthiasis

A feature of the existing methods recommended in the treatment of folk remedies is the use of herbal preparations against worms.

It does not kill worms (it will require toxic substances that negatively affect the human body). but create unfavorable conditions for them or have a paralyzing effect.

Therefore, at home, unconventional treatment against parasites takes place in three phases. For each of them requires certain methods and separate folk remedies:

  1. The phase of creating negative conditions or paralyzing effects on adults who travel through the body, or are attached to the walls of the intestine (the choice of the appropriate agent depends on the type of parasite that infected the person).
  2. The phase of elimination of affected helminths from the body, elimination of intoxication of the body caused by the products of their vital activity (for this they take laxatives, detoxification, natural remedies, eat certain foods, make enemas with medicinal components, use other effective recipes).
  3. The phase in which the body regenerates. The damage from the presence of worms in the body is very significant. The removal of parasites alone is not enough, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and introduce vitamins and minerals lost due to the presence of parasitic invasion. As a vitamin medicine, take rose hips, cranberries, citrus fruits or any berries, and to boost immunity - any medicine that is recommended in folk medicine as an immunostimulant.

There are many ways to remove earthworms in a person at home, but in addition to anthelmintic or laxative action, efficacy against a particular species must also be considered.

Not all recommended methods will help get rid of roundworms or liverworms, nor will they be suitable for removing extraintestinal parasites.

In order to take into account the existing prerequisites and successful completion of the removal of worms and parasites, it is necessary not only to determine the means for the gradual implementation of anthelmintic therapy, but also to take into account their compatibility with the body and with each other.

Types of folk remedies for parasitic lesions

Folk remedy for worms is a general vague concept, which includes several variants of variable drugs aimed at restoring human health.

Folk remedies for helminths are:

  • tinctures, infusions, decoctions and monocomponent consumption of food products with certain antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory or disinfectant properties, taken orally;
  • intestinal enema for cleansing from parasites, effective in removing tapeworms and acting on some other types of helminths;
  • diet food that aims to remove toxins and toxins, products containing vitamins, trace elements and minerals from the body;
  • complex methods of treatment of an adult, using multicomponent tinctures, herbal preparations or vitamin juices from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables;
  • aromatic and vegetable oils used in aromatherapy for immunostimulation, drug preparation or ingestion.

Traditional medicine can use any of these methods to treat worms.

When done properly, step by step, treatment sometimes lasts long enough.

But if it is not carried out until complete recovery, it can be used by already expelled parasites, which will hatch from eggs or larvae, or settle again in the body of a person with a weakened immune system.

The use of folk remedies in different stages of treatment

The recommended complex method begins not only by removing worms, but also by a special diet, which aims to create negative conditions for them.

Sweet foods, alcohol, pastries, fatty foods are excluded from the diet. The predominant menu should consist of fiber, vegetable and fruit juices, citrus (the use of freshly squeezed juice effectively repels parasites that feel uncomfortable in an acidic environment), fermented dairy products.

As a vitamin remedy you can take a mono-diet of grated carrots and freshly squeezed juice - it simultaneously expels worms and replenishes minerals and vitamins that the body lacks.

If you only need a vitamin medicine, take pomegranate, which is extremely rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, or grated carrot and mixed with apple or beetroot.

The main thing in the treatment with vegetables and juices is that they are not thermally processed. In addition to the diet, medicinal plants are used to repel all, even roundworms.

Medicinal plants

One of the most effective ways to get rid of worms in the initial stage of treatment is medicinal herbs that are widely used in traditional medicine.

The famous anthelmintic recipe, known as the triad, includes three medicinal ingredients - tansy, wormwood and clove seeds, or marigold flowers (marigold), cumin seeds and calamus root.

One of the recipes is folk, which has been used for centuries, the other is less toxic and safer, developed by scientists.

In the triad, the main thing is the dose, the agent has a pronounced anthelmintic orientation and, like the use of nutmeg, has a destructive effect even on roundworms.

In addition to natural herbal ingredients, the following recipes are recommended for the first phase:

  • herbal monopreparations that use angelica, calamus root, wormwood, tansy, male fern (almost all of these plants are poisonous, so they act on almost all types of worms);
  • the use of hyssop in decoction or in any form of fennel known to all (this safe, natural and useful plant has a pronounced anthelmintic effect);
  • a decoction of lion seeds, which has a sheath effect, also creates an unfavorable environment for parasites.

At the same time, the drug is prepared as simply as possible, and is used twice a day before meals, so that the gastric mucosa becomes less accessible to aggressors who eat the contents of human cells or nutrients from food.

In the second phase, you can take, as a prophylactic agent, herbs, herbs and hot spices.

They are full of beneficial minerals and trace elements, and some of them in the East or in Asia serve as a separate healing method.

By daily consumption of products containing ground or red hot pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, saffron, you can use their healing properties to restore immunity, eliminate vitamin deficiencies that occur during parasite invasion, increase appetite and prevent new helminth infections.

Prophylactic means of prolonged action

The presence of pets in the apartment is one of the potential sources through which people are inevitably infected, if you do not follow the rules of personal hygiene, and do not force children to respect it.

Healthy immunity is one of the ways to fight almost any disease.

Using folk remedies recommended in the third phase of anthelmintic therapy, you can simultaneously restore the body (especially the digestive and immune systems) and act preventively on it to avoid re-infection or re-infection.

For this, traditional medicine recommends natural products of animal and plant origin, decoctions of medicinal herbs, plant fibers, vitamin teas and juices.

In the list of suggested recipes you can find:

  • decoction of chamomile or sage. which can be used for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action on mucous membranes;
  • garlic decoction in milk or onion tincture;
  • hemp, pumpkin and flaxseed oil;
  • rosemary and parsley, as the main addition to vegetable fiber, prepared with the addition of olive oil or mustard;
  • birch buds, to cleanse the body, restore the body's functionality after toxic lesions (used in 3 types: infusion, tincture and decoction);
  • ginger is considered useful in any case;
  • cumin seeds, prepared in the form of a one-component decoction, potentiate the action of ginger root and establish healthy peristalsis.

For recovery and prevention, there are more complex methods of folk medicine, for the preparation of raw materials that are most often dealt with by competent people - herbalists, healers or traditional healers.

They know when and in what time period to collect the ingredients in order for their effect to be healing. But at home, from raw or dry raw materials, the drug can be prepared independently.

Enemas, as a separate method of therapy, are most effective while the parasites are still present in the body.

For the course of such therapy you can use various methods: from milk with garlic, wormwood and tansy (very effective on pinworms and ascaris), pumpkin oil, etc.

Experts recommend, before performing an enema with a therapeutic effect, to make an ordinary enema from boiled water (you can do it with soda or apple cider vinegar), and then inject the medicinal composition directly.

Traditional medicine has a whole arsenal of such drugs, but before using them, it is still better to consult a helminthologist.

Sometimes, in an effort to abandon synthetic drugs, a person is exposed to the danger of improper use of non-traditional drugs and puts his body in an extremely negative state.